About Us

Midas Direct is a wholly owned subsidiary of Papa Bello (PAPA), a publically traded company listed on the Pink Sheets.

Midas Direct is the result of a collaboration of a number of world class organizations each with over a quarter of a century of experience in their respective industries.

Blow Me Away Media Corp. is in the business of providing Captive Audience Sales and Marketing Technologies utilizing Point of Decision Systems (PODS). Midas Direct is skinning both large kiosk PODS and smaller countertop PODS for placement by its sales organization to market and sell products to in high traffic locations throughout the world in real time.

I-novation Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. (MJI). Founded by Harvard University psychophysicist Dr. Howard Moskowitz, MJI is the gold standard in marketing research and development for Fortune 500 product companies. In fact, over the past 30 years, virtually every top packaged goods and pharmaceutical company has hired MJI to optimize their products and/or marketing initiatives. Midas Direct is utilizing the award winning mathematics and marketing research of I-novation to directly tailor its personal care products and marketing messages to the main consumer niche making both brick and click purchases.

Pure Chemistry is the latest cutting edge product development company led by Chuck Stebbins, a pioneering biochemist who has been associated with many of the world's top selling personal care products over the past 30 years. Midas Direct is utilizing the product development expertise of Pure Chemistry to ensure that it always remains on the cutting edge of the personal care product industry.

The result for Midas Direct is a synergy that blends 6 different technologies from Blow Me Away Media that leverage the mathematical genius of Dr. Howard Moskowitz and the direct marketing genius and product development expertise of Chuck Stebbins.

Using revolutionary products like Spray Thin and Formula 22 Prebiotic Anti-Aging Serum, among others, Midas Direct will leverage the work product of thousands of independent sales members who will cover hundreds of thousands of potential retail outlets with its PODS. With its innovative model of shared wealth accrual, Midas Direct will attempt to become a dominant player in the rapidly changing retail marketplace.

Jim Wheeler

Jim has built six successful ventures in his entrepreneurial career including co-founder of American Bath Factory, Portraits Plus Galleries, Remind America, Global Interlink Systems, Inc. and Blow Me Away Media and has more than thirty years of experience in transforming entrepreneurial ventures into successful businesses. From product creation and channel development to product launch and sales performance, Jim has achieved success by implementing a comprehensive diagnostic business development model. Mr. Wheeler successfully combined his passion for psychology, business and training with his creative and artistic talents in forming Portrait Plus Galleries. Under Mr. Wheeler’s leadership Portrait Plus Galleries expanded to three locations, Long Beach, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Park City, Utah and was sold in 2000.

Along the way Jim developed an innovative acrylic manufacturing process, which when applied to fiberglass molded products, provided an intensely deep, durable and transparent gloss. In 1988, Mr. Wheeler purchased Majestic Marble and Spas and began manufacturing his own bathtub and spa designs incorporating the proprietary process under the “Majestic Marble & Spa” brand name. Mr. Wheeler was instrumental in the growth of the company and for establishing a manufacturing partnership in Shanghai, China to handle the Asian markets. Mr. Wheeler left what is now America Bath Factory in the capable hands of his brother in 2009 to focus on the technologies they developed to help sell bathtubs. In 2009 Mr. Wheeler founded Blow Me Away Media Corp.; a live interactive sales technology company.. In 2012 the company was acquired by Papa Bello Enterprises a sales and marketing company with a global vision to revolutionize retailing. Mr. Wheeler is currently the CEO of Papa Bello.

Howard Moskowitz PhD

is a Harvard psychophysicist and mathematician whose impressive body of work has directly impacted a legion of consumer goods spanning virtually every Fortune 100 product company. He is considered the father of Diet Pepsi, Prego Spaghetti Sauce, Vlasic Pickles and Maxwell House Coffee, just to highlight a few of his incredible product accomplishments. In 2013, due to his deep working partnership and friendship with Chuck Stebbins and his personal and professional belief in Midas Direct, Dr. Moskowitz has made the decision to bring his legendary technology direct to the individual consumer through Midas Direct. This decision will allow individuals to understand themselves and each other far better. It will allow them to make better decisions for themselves, not only in product choices, but also in a vast array of social and interpersonal areas such as dating, school course choices, etc.

Chuck Stebbins

Chuck Stebbins, since the early 1980’s, has been dedicated to bringing everyone the best, most popular personal care products at the lowest prices. He is best considered a molecular biochemist with 35 years of experience in nutrition and exercise physiology. Over the last three decades he has worked with countless professional and Olympic athletes and has coached both basketball and football at the University level. He is credited by many as beginning the modern sports nutrition revolution in 1986 with the introduction of groundbreaking natural products such as smilax officinalis. In the intervening years, he has created hundreds of natural fitness and body shaping products which are sold across the entire world. With the onset of the computer age, Stebbins was one of the first marketers to crack the code of selling direct to consumers on the Internet. Stebbins was a valuable corporate partner and business ally with Intermix, Inc. His strategic thinking and product communication skills were instrumental in helping Intermix launch the company’s nutritional supplement and beauty division, Alena Media, which brought to market Hydroderm, the first beauty product to be branded and sold entirely online. With Mr. Stebbins assistance, Hydroderm generated over $50 million in first year sales with just a single SKU.